Sors Studio was founded in Tehran in 2017 by Sara Amiri, Bahareh Rahmani, and Sepideh Kaviani. Given their academic and professional background, they have an architecture-oriented approach to fashion.
Sors seeks to create clothes as spatial structures on the body through transforming two-dimensional surfaces into three-dimensional volumes.
In its designs, Sors uses techniques like folding, tucking and pleating, as well as the common characteristics between architecture and fashion, such as double-skin facades and transparency.
Their cuts either derive from geometrical performances of origami-based forms or there is a pre-constructed surface (manipulated cloth) which forms the whole garment.
Embroidering the basic elements of points and lines on clothes, is one of the prominent features of Sors designs, echoing the authenticity and delicate hand-sewn art made by the hands of skilled artists and craftsmen.